【Event】Cummulative Purchase Nov 04 - Nov 05

News | 2019-11-04 16:56:24.0

【Event】Cummulative Purchase


I. Event Time:


Time: Nov-04 to 23:59 Nov-05 (UTC+7)


II. Event Detail:


- When you recharge, your purchase will be recorded and accumulated by the system to receive rewards (similar to other Accumulated payment events)


- You will receive gifts of that mark. (for example, users who deposit 50$ will receive gifts at $ 5, $ 30 and $ 50)


- Rewards will be mailed after the event is over (maximum 48 hours) 


- To support players as well as help players easily remember the amount of money your recharged, the ammout of Money will be round up (for example, users who paid 5 packages of 0.99$, counted as 0.99 * 5 = 4,950, will still accumulate as 5$)


III. Event Rewards: