【Event】Drawing Puzzle – Jigsaw

Event | 2019-09-24 11:04:44.0

Time: 26/09/2019 - 02/10/2019

Overview: Like a childhood jigsaw game. There will be 24 heroes for players to arrange, depending on the number of completed images, player will receive the corresponding rewards (upgrade materials, Quick Battle tickets, hero ticket x1)



Gameplay is very simple, each hero image will be cut into 9 parts, mixed together, player’s object is to arrange mixed parts to form a completed photo and receive the reward such as upgrade materials, EXP books, and puzzle pieces of the character in the jigsaw.

Milestones for awards depend on the number of completed jigsaw: 3 set - 7 set - 10 set - 15 set - 21 set - 24 sets.




Note: Each move will cost 2 energy points, and energy points can only be found by logging daily (4 points), finishing missions (Adventure Quest - 2 points) and Co-op battle (2 points), energy points can be purchased 10 times everyday by spending diamond.

Energy points are important to this Event, player need to calculate carefully.



In addition, players can see the number in each picture, compared with the order in the orange vertical frame in the left hand to arrange.