【Event】Fire God

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【Event】Fire God


Event period: November 27th - December 10th for all server




Event Contents


Fire god Event will appear on Banner Event at the left corner –Event button on the main and Event interface at right corner.


RECOMMENDED HERO: LILITH – ADRIAN (bonus rewards); VAN HELSING – BRYNHILD – ELIOTT (bonus rewards for finishing high difficult battle)


Event mechanic:


1. Finishing basic quests to open Flame Island map – during this process you will receive 40 CHYNA FRAGMENT (UNLOCK CHYNA ONLY REQUIRE 40 FRAGMAENTS) => FREE Chyna when take part in the event.


2. After unlocking Flame Island, Event interface will consist of:


- 4 Array building (Dazzling Magic Array; Eternal Array; Life Magical Array; Hard Sun Array); Have probability to spawn Fire God’s Egg => Farm Hero Writ to use in central arena


- Fire God central arena => Use Hero Writ to exchange Hero (exchange value is 125 fragments/ 1 hero), fight other players to receive Fire God Coin



3. Event mechanism:




Each Array building will have a different color, completing the task of each building will receive a corresponding Hero Writ piece (more Hero Writ pieces are returned with higher the difficulty), Each different Hero Writ color will automatically convert randomly into different Hero Writ, as descriptions below:



Purple can randomly unlock Victoria, Pandora, Sariel, Vegilriel, Tesla, Van Helsing, Robin Hood, Dracula, Katy, Dante.


Blue can randomly unlock Lancelot, Siegfried, Dillon, Eloitt, Jack, Vivian, Roland, Tyer, Abaddon, Van.


Green can randomly unlock Miho, Lycoris, Isabelle, Columbus, Lucifinil, Brynhild, Daisy, Medusa, Alice, Sunny.


Red can randomly unlock Micheal, Phia, Ophelia, Hayate, Chyna, Sandra, Lilith, Neopharm, Gloaming, Schrodinger.


Gold can be used to unlock any heroes.





Players can compete against each other through the Central Arena (Fire God Arena), in this mode All heroes will be redeemed by Hero Writ and will have equal power => where players can test heroes comps of their own


There will be 2 types of challenges:


+ Real time challenges: Requires both players to be present in the central arena, then conduct Matching with the NPC “Battle Administrator”


Both player can choose heroes by this way: Player 1 choose hero (1); Player 2 choose hero (1), (2); Player 1 choose hero (2), (3); Player 2 choose hero (3). Both players cannot select the same hero. Then both player will enter arena interface.


=> Rewards of real time challenges: 1,000 Fire God Coin for winner, Each player can only receive 1 time


+ Optional challenges: Players will choose their opponents, their squad formation, through “Arena Administrator” NPC.


Players choose a formation to compete through Hero Writ (obtained during PVE, exchange value is 125 Hero Writ / 1 Hero; If don’t have enough Hero Writ, player can use gold Universal Hero Writ instead).


Players can use formation of their choice (can be the same as opponents).


=> Rewards of optional challenges: 500 Fire God Coin for winner, 400 Fire God Coin for loser, Can accumulate winning/losing streak to receive additional 100 Fire God Coin.


=> Hero Writ will be consumed when player use them to exchange for Hero. Need to accumulate more Hero Writ to take part in more competitions.


4. Event shop:



Rare rewards: Perfect Recall Scroll; Awakening Soul; Special Chest (unlock Exclusive Ring for different heroes); Upgrading items (Tier9-Tier12)