【Event】 Food Festival

Event | 2019-09-24 15:00:07.0

Time: 25/09/2019 - 15/10/2019

Part 1: Get ingredients and start your adventure!



During the event, there will be 4 types of common mission (sour, spicy, sweet and salty) plus a special mission.

When any normal quest is completed, there will be a chance to unlock Special quests. Special quests won’t have enemies, materials and rewards are free to pick up from the ground. You will get more ingredients in here than in normal missions! (A special mission will cost more Orders   than normal mission) During this event, players will receive three daily Order tickets.

Part 2: Cooking and show your hospitality



Players need to collect ingredients to cook food for Victoria. Her satisfaction level will increase when she is feed.

The player can click on Victoria to read her dialogs and have a tip about what she wants to eat at the moment.

She will always be eager to try something new!


There are several hidden menus to explore, you can try combining different random ingredients in the diet to learn about those special dishes!

Sometimes she will ask for this hidden food, but if you do not find random recipes, you can also get Dark Cuisine that she can also ask for. So don't hesitate to try Random Cook!

"Sometimes full course, sometimes sweets, and sometimes the dark culinary challenge are also fun!"

Turn on food that meets Victoria's requirements for the day, and you'll get an extra boost of satisfaction!

Part 3: Profits! (or Rewards!)



You will receive a reward depending on how satisfy Victoria can be.

In addition, with satisfaction level rewards and event missions, you'll receive a Thanks coupon that you can redeem in the Event Store.

Explorers can redeem even more rewards in the Event Store!