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Event period: December 11th - December 24th for all server





Players take part in the event at Event button – Music Festival, or click on Banner





Your goal when participating in the activity is to collect "Popularity" points (famous points) to increase Popular Level and get rewarded for each milestones Level.


Besides increasing the Popular Level, for every 7500 Popularity points, you will receive an additional "Popular Coupon" - used as ticket to participate in Event Exploration activities, or exchange "Idol Coin" in the Event Shop.


Popularity points and currencies used in the Event (Idol Coin, Star Coin) will be obtained through 2 activities: TOUR & EVENT EXPLORATION





The event is divided into two main activities: TOUR & EVENT EXPLORATION


TOUR activity introduction:


(Similar to how to Patrol)


At the main activity map, click "Start Tour" to start your adventure. Players need to choose Difficulty and 3 Heroes to go on an expedition, the first Expedition tour will default at Difficulty 1 star, the following Tours will have the difficulty option according to multiple milestones, the higher the difficulty, the more Popularity points received.


After confirming formation, Hero / equipment cannot be changed until expedition finish or fail, or the player chooses to Stop Tour.



The squad will have time to move from one stage to another, at each stage there will be challenging monsters.


If the expedition fails at any stage in the Tour, player will be returned to the start of that Tour.


If finish the Tour, player can continue a new Tour.


By passing Tour stage, player can receive a lot of Popularity points to raise Popular Level.


Tip: Players can go to Event Shop to buy Time HourGlass – item that can help speeding up the time to move between Tour stage (skip 5 minutes/ticket)



Introduce how to play Exploration Event activity


Players need to form a party to enter (on the same server), the activity will send party into a small map, where completing the requirements will receive a lot of rewards, and currency units to use in the Event Shop such as Idol Coin, Start Coin.


Each time you enter, each player will choose the difficulty level (does not affect other players, the higher the difficulty the more the gifts are), line up 3 heroes (cannot be changed after entering) and cost a ticket Popularity Coupon to gain 2 play turns.



If you beat the monster, 1 turn will be subtracted. If you lose, 2 turns will be subtracted.


If you challenge BOSS, even win or lose, regardless of winning or losing, minus 2 turns.


When challenging fails, you must wait 30 minutes to be able to challenge that monster / boss again.


Tip: If Captain fail at a monster, you can leave a comment for the Monster, so that other members can have useful information when it’s up to their turn to fight.





Shop accept 2 type of currency Idol Coin and Star Coin


Popularity Coupon can be exchanged into Idol Coin, rate 1:200


Idol Coin can be exchanged for Star Coin, rate 10:1