【Event】The Lost Sun

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【Event】The Lost Sun



Event period: October 16th - November 5th


I. Event Contents


Main interface day and night replacement effect


- The game homepage will introduce a mechanism to display day and night. The main city of Messiah will now alternate between day and night as real time changes


- During the event, until adventurers have retrieved the lost sun (Reaching the 2nd Round), Messiah will remain in the night.


II. How to Play


Part 1. Solving situations


- This event requires adventurers to solve situations happening in AURA, discover the villain behind the events, and help everyone find the sun. Click on any of the event nodes to see the events that are being discovered in that node.


- Each node requires 3 heroes to be assigned for exploration. The 3 heroes selected to be dispatched does not matter as the effect is the same, so the system will automatically select 3 heroes from all your heroes.


- When a hero has been assigned to explore a certain node, it cannot be assigned to another node again.


- Adventurers can assign multiple teams to explore and investigate multiple incidents. Those teams form a queue starting from the first assigned team to the last assigned team, no two teams can run at the same time. The first team in the queue goes first.



- After starting to explore any node you can tap on it again to check the remaining time for exploration.


- Adventurers can click on the quick exploration option, opening a panel where you can skip some of the remaining time of the exploration by consuming hourglasses. Note that each hourglass used skips 5 minutes, if the remaining time is less than 5 minutes it will still use the whole item, so use your hourglasses wisely.


There are 3 types of events:


- Reward Events: You will get rewards directly after completing the event.


- Battle Events: You can choose the battle event difficulty to get the corresponding rewards. Note that there will be a 5 minute cool-down if you fail the challenge.


- Choice Events: Things change according to your choice selection, and the rewards will differ accordingly. (*Different choices will result in different rewards! But the rewards will not be very different, so just relax and enjoy the game.)


Part 2. Explore



- In the upper left corner, you will see your “Explore” points in this round.


- “Explore” points are obtained by completing events at each event node.


- By getting more “Explore” points, adventurers will be able to travel to new areas. The area selection menu is found in the lower left corner.


- When a round of events has been completed, events that can be repeated will refresh on the map. Players can repeat these events for the same rewards, and then complete the exploration required to advance the round.


- The final challenge will be opened when your “Explore” points reach maximum. Adventurers can choose to reset the map to open the next round.


- The final challenge will provide a good reward!


Because of the round rewards will change, and the efficiency of obtaining event tokens after 3 rounds will become higher, it is recommended that Adventurers try to reset their round as soon as possible after completing the final challenge.


Part 3. Exploration queue

- Adventurers can long press and drag any squad already on queue to reorder their positions. Don't forget to click the “OK” button after changing the order.


- If the adventurer needs to cancel all ongoing events at once, click Clear, but in this case, all events will be terminated, please use this option with caution. Any terminated events will not be rolled back.


- In this interface, Adventurers can still use the quick exploration function. Adventurers can reduce the exploration time of all events in the queue with one click.


- The exploration queue has a limit of 10 teams.


Part 4. Event Quests and Event Shop


During the event, the adventurer will find clues in the event.


- Clues are divided into City Conquest Clues, Regional Conquest Clues, and National Conquest Clues. Consuming a specific number of Clues will open the corresponding quest.


- If the adventurer fails to complete the quest, the Clues will be losed!


- 3 types of quests will give 3 kinds of events coins, Adventurers can redeem the coins for rewards in each respective store. The stores are the Sunstone Store, Moonstone Store, and Star Stone Store.


Each color "gift box" contains: