【Event】War Festival

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【Event】War Festival



Event period: November 6th - November 26th



I. Event Contents


Event will change occasionally for the course of 3 weeks, the equipment drops in the quest as well as the shop items are vary.



To enter the event map, you must have ticket (Challenge License). You can receive event ticket at Ticket Delivery in following time mark (10:00, 14:00, 18:00).



If you have received all the tickets on Ticket Delivery but do not have enough materials to redeem in the shop, you can go to the event shop to buy more tickets.



1. First week. (Shield Medal) (6/11 – 12/11)


2. Second week. (Arrow Medal) (13/11 – 19/11)


3. Third week. (Sword Medal) (20/11 – 26/11)


While in the first week you cannot enter the second and third week quest map.


To enter the event map requires you to spend 1 ticket (Challenge License), Inside the map there are items and monsters that will make it difficult for user to take them.


*Note: items in event map will change weekly (Ex: in the first week, only Shield Medal will show up in the map).



II. Event Shop


The shop will stay up to 7 days after the end of War Festival event.


Shield Medal



Arrow Medal



Sword Medal