【Events】 For Newbie

Event | 2019-09-24 16:29:55.0

Event 7 days login gift


Players only need to login daily to receive gifts, 7th day login will give you 2 stars Pandora hero


Event Adventure



When players reach the required adventure level, they will receive gifts. Players will receive 3 star hero Isabelle at adventure level 19.


Event Daily Sign-In


When a player has logged into the game event attendance will automatically show up for the player to pick. In case of forgotten to sign in, attendance can be compensated by using attendance roll diamonds.


Event  Online Gift



Players will receive rewards according to each online time mark.


Event  Level Up Gift



Players who reach the required level will receive a reward, players can receive 3-star Lucifinil when reach level 70.


Event 7 Days Trail Plan



Event 7 days trail plan last 8 days, players will receive gifts when logging in daily.

Every day players must perform the trail tasks objective and receive a reward upon completing the task.