【Newbie's Tutorial】Arena system

Guide | 2019-09-09 17:11:17.0

Arena is a ranking system by battle other is the ranking system through challenging the other players, this is the time you show your strength here.

In Arena interface you will be arranged to fight with 6 different random players. When fighting a player, you will lose 1 Attempts point, in case you lose all the points, you can spend 20 diamonds to get Attempts points.



Once you have won all 6 players you can use the refresh ticket to fight up to 6 new random players, every 0:00, 12:00, 18:00 GMT+7 a free refresh ticket will be issued in case you do not want to wait for a free refresh ticket, you can also spend 50 diamonds to refresh.

Winning any player will generate points depending on their opponents and these points will be added up when you win against other players. Being top or not is up to this point!



After the battle with the player you will receive a reward worthy of the winner, the reward will be arranged according to your victory.


Each time you open the chest, you will have the opportunity to receive Betting coins  and Arena Emblem  They can be used to exchange hero fragments and equipments.