【Newbie's Tutorial】Benefit of each recharge package

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【Newbie's Tutorial】Benefit of each recharge package



1. Diamond Pack

These 2 diamond pack can only be purchased once during the game, with 300 gift boxes, x10 draw coupon and intel. Backpack Space is essential so that you can get as many items as possible when afk. Highly recommended since it provide a lot of gifts and very cheap to buy.



2. Battle Value Pack

One of pack to ewceive buffs such as vip cards, intel buffs, exp, gold,... extremely beneficial to farming and afk. There is also auto in-game marco, which helps to farm faster. In additional, you also get 200 diamonds when buying this. Especially buying this pack will unlock the Daily Pack. The Daily Pack is only $0.99, you still get 60 diamonds, 10k gold and 15 tokens to upgrade heroes.



3. Leader Pack

To create a guild, you need to buy a Leader Pack. 



4. Growth Pack

Every time you reach level 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 79. Growth packs will appear, these packagaes will only appear when you reach a certain level and expire within 24 hours, without buying in due time, it will be lost forever. So you must take advantage and buy it (most rewards have diamonds equivalent to other diamond loading packages, with items)



5. Monthly Card

From chacracter creation time until the full deposit of $4.99 will activate the monthly card. Monthly card will give 120 diamonds every day for 30 days. After 30 days, you will receive 3.600 diamonds. From the expiry time, if the user continues to accumulate $4.99, the monthly card will be activated again.



6. Bonus 100% for first purchase

All packages are x2 at the first purchase so you should take advantage to get the most diamonds out of it



7. Good Pack (less pay but received a lot)

Take advantage of recharging events when opening new servers

Only need to spend $0.99 per day and continuous for 7 days to receive:

- First recharge gift (only need to spend 0.99$ on first day to receive)

- Gift for recharging daily events (It will show up everyday)

- Activate monthly card (Only cost 4.99$ - recharging for 5 days to activate)

- You can choose between 0.99$ pack or Daily Pack.



8. Weekly Pack

Limited to 7 days for only 1 pack purchase. Better gift than direct diamond recharge.