【Newbie's Tutorial】Equipped system

Guide | 2019-09-09 16:43:59.0

In-game equipments devided in 4 kinds: Weapon, Armor, Shoes, Accessories

Equipment are Graded by color: BluepurpleGoldOrange.



Equipment functions:

Weapon: Raise attack power of heroes

Armor: Raise defense and HP

Shoes: Raise defense and HP

Accessories: Raise attack power, defense and HP


How to get:

Equipments as Weapon, Armor, Shoes, Accessories can be gotten from Quest or buy directly from equipment Shop, besides that players can also get equipment fragments when take part in Elysia activity when they reach level 30 and raid at level 60.


Gear enhancement:

Equipment power is depend on enhancement and grade. Each player can enhace equipment as much as they would like depend on their money and resource since higher enhancement requires higher cost of money.