【Newbie's Tutorial】Guild Adventure system

Guide | 2019-09-10 10:46:02.0

Guild Adventure system  Conditions of participation require players to join a guild.

The guild is an indispensable part of Aura Fantasy which is the place to bring people together to build a separate empire. There is a lot of work that players can devote to the Guild growing as mining minerals, fight monsters to expand the territory of the Guild.



To develop Guild points requires members to make efforts to dig and fight monsters hiding behind the fog, when members of the Guild fight or dig, the Exploration points will be increased, meeting requirements will help the player advance to the next floor with higher dangers.

In Guild, players need to pay attention to 2 bars of blue Stamina and orange magic  Stamina represents mining power, Magic represents energy fighting monsters. 1 The point of digging takes 2 minutes  and 1 point to fight monsters  When the player opens a fog it will cost them 1 horn, within this fog of fog the player will randomly receive equipment  (Equipment support ATT, DEF, HP, and Crit increase, only available in guilds and it only last for 24 hours), In addition to the equipment, players can encounter the monsters residing in it.



When revealing the fog in the Guild the player will receive Rewards points that can be used to exchange equipment fragments, exp, etc. .. from the shop . Rewards points are categorized into 3 types  that correspond to the extremely high value items in shop.