【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Lanakhsia

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【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Lanakhasia


I. Lanakhasia summary



Lanakhasia is a melee attack champion with a huge damage output skill set, she can also self-buff attack speed, damage, and cause bleeding status to enemy.

Because of this strong offensive skill set, Lanakhasia can combine with 2 supports formation or 1 support and 1 tank formation (will be discussed in detail below).


II. Lineup for Lanakhasia

As mentioned above, Lanakhasia has almost unlimited damage output, non-cap damage buff plus perfect attack attributes will be extremely suitable for 2 Support lineup, for example the duo Miho – Victoria.


Lanakhasia (1) – Victoria (2) – Miho (3)


An "bad ass" squad, able to stand up against almost all of Aura Fantasy's challenges for now.

With Miho being the main support for Lanakhasia, the ability to heal single target and multi-target healing combined randomly 1 to 3 buffs per round, Lanakhasia became even more bad ass (self-buffs plus support buffs is everyone favourite).

As for Victoria and the miraculous mirror that can reduce the damage taken for the entire team, not to mention that Victoria can also buffs protection for her teammates, Lanakhasia is almost "invulnerable".


Pro of Lanakhasia – Victoria – Miho formation:

  • Huge Damage output, receive a lot of buffs.
  • Can finish the battle between early and middle game.
  • Survive the battle without losing much HP.
  • Useful lineup can battle – running quest – Arena – Championship, most versatile at the moment.


Con of Lanakhasia – Victoria – Miho formation:

  • Huge disadvantage if Lanakhasia receive shock damage and die off too soon.
  • If you meet lineup specialize in defense and late game, dragging battle may result in losing the match.


Possible counter against Lanakhasia – Victoria – Miho formation:

  • One of the possible formation to counter Lanakhasia – Victoria – Miho formation is Micheal – Sariel – Gabriel.
  • In fact, the 3 Angel series (Michael – Dawn Angel, Sariel – Peaceful Angel, Gabriel – Order Angel) will hard counter the duo Victoria – Miho, however, if you let Lanakhasia live long enough to take down one of the three hero, the plan will be bankrupt.




Beside the "Textbook" lineup, Lanakhashia - Victoria - Miho, Lanakhasia can also be combined with Robin Hood and Jack, but the strength will be reduced a bit and the ability to "protect and sustain" for Lanakhasia not as strong as the Victoria - Miho couple.


Jack (1) – Lanakhasia (2) – Robin Hood (3)


With this formation, Lanakhasia's ability to "shock damage" will be slightly limited because Robin Hood's support skills are weaker than Miho. Therefore, Lanakhasia should be placed in the second position to limit the damage caused by the enemy.


This formation is quite easy to build since Jack and Robin Hood are also easy acquired heroes. In return, the equipment required for this team will need to be optimized to the "defense, damage taker" play style for both Jack and Lanakhasia to ensure the couple will last as long as possible.


Pro of Jack – Lanakhasia – Robin Hood formation:

  • Easily acquired and upgrade, most suitable for “free to play” players.


Con of Jack – Lanakhasia – Robin Hood formation:

  • Can’t maximize Lanakhasia's ability, need a large amount of equipment to ensure both Lanakhasia and Jack to last as long as possible.
  • Easily “counter” by damage dealer teams.


III. Essential equipments for Lanakhasia

Skywalker Leather Armor, with the ability to detonate bombs dealing 50% of damage based on standard damage when healed, this is an item that makes Lanakhasia "more terrible". Imagine every 3s - 5s, Miho heals Lanakhasia and Lanakhasia with the offensive skill combined with the bomb detonating, it will take no time at all to finish off a hero on the enemy team.



Should be combined with the Rune set to increase attack, increase damage and increase health (Fallen – Devil – Treasure; Angel – Demon – Chalice)




In short, Lanakhasia is almost a perfect hero at the moment with unlimited damage and easy to combine with other heros when Victoria and Miho can almost be owned by any player.