【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Lilith - Adrian

News | 2019-11-26 10:51:38.0

【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Lilith - Adrian


The article suggests a few suitable squads for new heroes – Lilith - Adrian.



I. Profile


Lilith – Demon King


Adrian – Dark King


A new comp with complementary skills, including single target damage - multi-target damage - recovery.


For Lilith, she has the ability to attack – multiple recovery. Lilith can attack single target - multiple targets, recover single target - multiple targets.


For Adrian, the probability to finish off a target with great damage is extremely high. Especifically, the "regeneration" passive allows Adrian to regenarate his original form after dying (apply once per battle)...


II. Team combination


Adrian (1) – Daisy (2) – Lilith (3)


Completely counter “Angels” formation currently dominate all ranking system at the moment.


Pro of Adrian – Daisy – Lilith formation:

  • Can activate 3-man Combo
  • Gain benefit in Fire God event.



Con of Adrian – Daisy – Lilith formation:

  • Must focus on Adrian to help Adrian as long as possible on battel field, Take advantage of resurrection skill.


III. Essential equipment 


Skywalker Shoes and Skywalker Armor