【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Micheal

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【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Micheal



I. Micheal Profile


Michael – Dawn Angel is a leading hero of the Angels trinity of Aura Fantasy (including Michael - Sariel - Gabriel)


With a slim, small body, but few people know that Michael is a general that hero whose skill set reinforce her defense, while reducing the damage of all enemy heroes.


II. Lineup with Micheal


Angels team: Michael (1) – Gabriel (2) – Sariel (3)


It is no coincidence that each of the three generals has an "Angel" nickname. For example, Michael is Dawn Angel; Sariel is Peaceful Angel; Gabriel is Order Angel. The combination of this "Angel" trinity will be a nightmare for the offensive specialized teams.


Michael's passive skill is to reducing damage of all enemies, combined with the healing effect of Sariel and Gabriel's long-range damage, that will be enough for a team with "Sun Tzu standard”.


Each of the skills of the trio can be mixed together, not to mention that both Sariel and Gabriel all receive Michael partner buff, this is one of the few trio that can combo with each other, and when team up will create "AOE Great DMG” - Deal great damage to all enemies.



Pro of Micheal – Gabriel – Sariel formation:

  • Can chain combo with 3 characters at the same time.
  • Gain benefit from The Lost Sun Event.
  • Can mix Offensive – Defensive – Recovery.
  • Completely Counter offensive specialized heroes.


Con of Micheal – Gabriel – Sariel formation:

  • Weak at late stage since this is a middle stage team.
  • Should focus on defensive equipments for Michael, offensive equipmentf for Gabriel.


Possible counter against Micheal – Gabriel – Sariel formation:

  • Temporarily, no formation is strong enough to completely counter this trio, unless the player challenges himself against an opponent with a remarkable different battle rating.

In addition to the standard line-up of the Angel Trio, Michael can also combine with Lucifinil and Vivian, to create a "cheap, easy to play" lineup.


Another lineup option to combine Michael with Vivian (1) and Lucifinil (3)

This is a cheap lineup, since both Lucifinil and Vivian are the basic heroes (Vivian comes as you process), does not cost too much resources to upgrade, but for this team, it needs to focus a lot on Vivian so that Vivian can be the main damage killer at close range.


Pro of Lucifinil – Michael – Vivian formation:

  • Easy to find for "Free to play” users.


Con of Lucifinil – Michael – Vivian formation:

  • - Must divide the damage evenly for both Vivian and Michael to survive, not to mention Vivian has few AOE skill to deal multi-target damage, if lineup against a tanky hero of enemy team, it will become a time-consuming battle.


III. Essential equipment for Micheal

Skywalker Shoes, this item helps Michael to become strongest when replenishing health & defense, not to mention the intrinsic value of this item helps her increase damage output by 30%, in exchange for losing only 1% of the health every 8 seconds.

The amount of health lost can easily be recovered by Sariel, so Skywalker Shoes will be an item that gives Michael more damage to take on the role of tanker, and can put pressure on the the enemy team.



Combined with Angelic Rune set to increase Michael's strength and suit the "feng shui" of the Angel Trinity.



If you need to find a trio that can overcome battle that are 50,000 BR higher than you, Michael will be an indispensable hero in your team.