【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Van Helsing

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【Newbie's Tutorial】Lineup for Van Helsing.



I. Van Helsing Profile


Van Helsing – Demon Hunter: Demon Hunter is Helsing's nickname in the AURA Fantasy world.


To use a phrase to quickly assess Van Helsing, it would certainly be "Weapon of Destruction". A champion with the highest damage output in the game plus exellent self-damage buff, he can play the role of carry for the entire team.


Van Helsing's position in the three-man squad could be the top row or the bottom row, just by giving Van Helsing a tanker, a shield in front of him, Van Helsing could wipe out all enemies who block his way.


And Van Helsing can do more than you imagine...


II. Formation can combine with Van Helsing


Martial Team: Eliott (1) – Van Helsing (2) – Brynhild (3)


A true "textbook", in a vast Aura Fantasy world with countless different generals, Eliott - Van Helsing - Brynhild is one of the unique trilogy, can only be combined with each other and maximize the strength of each other during battle.


Each battle skill of Eliott - Brynhild can receive "Martial Skill", the passive skills of these two generals are consuming "Martial Skill", and Van Helsing will be accumulating "Martial Skill". This makes the trio more closely connected, because missing only one will make all "Martial Skill" will go to waste.


Like the "angelic trio", Eliott - Van Helsing - Brynhild is also one of the few generals who can work together to create a unique combo, increased tons of damage to all enemies while bringing along the scorching effect.



Pro of Eliott – Van Helsing – Brynhild formation:

  • Can activate 3-man combo.
  • Gain benefit from War Festival Event.
  • Increase a huge amount of damage for any combo of one of these three heroes.
  • Easily destroying an enemy formation 50,000 BR stronger than themselves.


Con of Eliott – Van Helsing – Brynhild formation:

  • Rely too much on Eliott.


Counter formation:

  • At the moment, no formation is strong enough to completely counter this trio, unless the player challenges himself to an opponent with a remarkably different battle force (BR)...


Beside Eliott, players can also use General Lancelott to slightly increase the defense points (Eliott's defense points are lower than Lancelott), but there will not be any combo from this formation.



III. Required equipment for Van Helsing


Skywalker Bow and Skywalker Amor, two items of Skywalker set will help Van Helsing maximize his damage, it will be even better if you can equip both Skywalker Shoes and Exorcism Ring.


Exchange 3% of Van Helsing's health for 10% attack speed is a good deal because Van Helsing has a large base damage, if combined with the increased attack speed, provide faster time to "blow away" the enemy team.


The passive of Skywalker Bow provide additional 30% increase in damage due to the burning effect, this will make the tankiest champions in the game to submit to Van Helsing after 2 to 3 turn combos.



Combine with the below Rune set, reach level 9 will activate Van Helsing own effect.



If you need to find a DPS champion with the ability to deal AOE damage, Van Helsing is a name that you will definitely not be able to ignore. More specifically, Van Helsing is a champion who appears in the x6 rotation, make it easier to own him.