【Newbie's Tutorial】Map system

Guide | 2019-09-11 09:46:04.0

In the Aura Fantasy world, the map is where your challenging journey begin, and depend on the difficulty of each map, you may receive different rewards.

The lands that you can conquer in Aura Fantasy: Dahl – Dusty Land – Alloy Area – North – Emporia – Mystique Realm, these lands are ranked from the easiest to the hardest.



In addition to the normal exploring mode (Normal), Aura Fantasy also offers you two higher levels of challenge, respectively is Elite and Mirage, of course the rewards in these levels will also be better.

  • Normal mode: Drop common equipments and EXP books


  • Elite mode: Drop heroes fragments, magic dust and EXP books.


  • Mirage mode: Drop magic dust and ascension material.



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