【Newbie's Tutorial】Quest system

Guide | 2019-09-09 17:00:03.0

Quests are an important part of AuraFantasy - a separate function that players search for items and treasures in different locations. Players must fight monsters to get treasures. Most of these quests monsters, rewards, and locations are randomly generated.

First of all, the Quest selection screen will show players various things like the player's Adventuring Level and how much exp it takes to level up (top left corner), your current Intel (upper right corner). Ignoring the middle part a bit, players can also see that there is a refreshing section on the bottom left and an Interthere book on the bottom right. The middle is where players decide which task they want to choose. Especially important is the Difficulty and Level Selector: when player begin to receive multiple missions, they can choose any difficulty level of their choice (maximum 6 stars, with increasing BR level) and Player Level. In particular, quests are also graded according to the color of the quest, the rarer they are the rarer items can be acquired.

  • Bounties in green have normal rewards.
  • Bounties in blue have better rewards.
  • Bounties in purple have rare rewards.
  • Bounties in orange have epic rewards.


Choose the quest and player will be sent to a separate map of each mission. On the top left is a map (for those who don't know exactly where everything is Black is the wall, Blue is the floor, red skull is enemy, and golden symbols have their own meaning, depending on the symbol of each terrain, the humanoid symbols, the building, the teleport gate, the bush ...)


Tap on the box the player wants the character to move to, as long as it is not blocked by walls or monsters, and as long as the player can actually see a possible path. Especially players only see what is going on around them only, when players walk around, the map and screen will reveal itself so players must be aware of the hidden monster.




Take note :

  • Chest varies a lot. Higher difficulty mean it contain rarer items.
  • Vase are locations you can break by clicking on them. These usually contain only the most basic things, usually gold and exp books.
  • Equipment can actually be found lying on the floor. If so, it radiate a color to indicate its rarity.
  • Adventure tokens are often on the floor, for buying in the Store.
  • Gold mine is rare, it give random gold to player.
  • Teleport gate help you move from this map to other map.
  • Bouldercactus bushes is considered the treasure point. You can dig at these locations 3 times, provided you have a Shovel.
  • Mailboxes tend to give you Shovels, Keys or Invitations.
  • Blessing statue will give you a random blessing.
  • Heroes statue tend to give you exp books.
  • Other building ( Haunter Manor, Cursed church , Abaddon house , v.v.) has random effects, but is usually a monster nest (should be visited if there is a defeat the player still gets a reward).
  • NPCs often allow you to pay gold to activate another box in Quests. Ideally, you should pay this NPC to get what you need because the payment is usually in your favor.
  • Collectors are NPCs that will take your Crystal and exchange it for other items. Crystal is an item only available in quests, has no other uses and can be carried from mission to mission..
  •  Bony Merchants is the bone NPC will ask you some money to invest in one of his plans. This is "generally" beneficial, but ultimately gambles to see if you choose the right investment.
  • Philantrophists are NPCs that will make you choose between two different choices. It will give something if you choose correctly.