【Newbie's Tutorial】Raid system

Guide | 2019-09-10 09:40:46.0

Raid will be unlocked at level 60 and require BR of 300000, when you have met all the above requirements, quickly find yourself more members to create a team to fight and destroy the boss.



To be able to join, raid players must have Courage Emblem. The Courage Emblem can be found in the Royal Quest of the Quests interface 

When meeting all the requirements, the player can create a room and invite his comrades to join for a maximum of 4 people per room.

Starting the game will take players to a Raid map and doing missions that the Raid issue, take note that participants are not allowed to move as they want, only the leader can move in the map.



When completed, players and their teammates will receive equipment fragments, EXP vv..vv.