【Newbie's Tutorial】Rune system

Guide | 2019-09-09 16:51:58.0

Rune is unlocked at level 23

Rune is a core mechanism of the game, it help raising ATK, HP, DEF and DMG Boost / Res of heroes. Rune can be used in a set to reinforce heroes with greater skill power, raise basic attribute.



How to get:

Access “Rune Temple” to craft rune by using Magic Dust and Magic Essence, they can be found in battle and equipment salvage (Dismantle). Rune Temple provide 4 functions: Dismantle, Craft, Master Craft (unlocked at level 70) and Upgrade. When you craft a rune, a small amount of EXP will be provided to raise Temple Level. Higher temple level, higher chance to get stronger runes and success rate also increase, maximum level of temple is 10.

Rune Temple icon is above Arena and below Elysia, on the right of Home. 

Upgrade: To upgrade Rune you need 3 rune of the same level.
Ex: To updrade rune to +3 you need 3 rune +2, you will know that the rune is upgradeable when an arrow mark is show on the rune.

When you created a rune beside from the Main Stat, 3 others stat will be selected randomly from the poll.