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The Story Of 9 Lands



FLAME ISLAND - Mysterious Ancient Ruins

Flame Island once formed the Orton empire with a prosperous civilization spread across a vast desert. After an era of development and prosperity, the collapse of the capital caused the empire fell to ruin. Over the decades, the stories of Flame Island's glorious city have now become  a legend and in the vast vast desert there are still scattered surviving descendants.

Most of Flame Island's nomadic inhabitants want to find the mysteries hidden deep within the core of this land. A small number just want to settle down have built small towns around a few oases. Others always hunt for treasures buried under the ruins of the fallen empire.


EMPORIA – Legend of the Holy Realm

Emporia is a sacred land of legends. After the empire established, this land has the principle of "only the strong survive". Emporia is famous for the name FFL - Fight for Live. It was a cruel life and death arena. When a warrior wins a battle, the number of their opponents will increase in the next match. This means that the last person to survive will be honored as the destroyer. This sounds cruel, but there has never been a sign of any rebellion.

Naturally, Emporia is an egalitarian, liberal realm and a place where the protection of people come first. Somewhere in Emporia there are dark, dirty corners where justice has yet to reach.

DAHL - Land Of Heavenly Treasures

Cross the vast forest from Messiah we will come to Dahl. With the Heavenly Treasures, the land seemed to isolate itself behind the forests. Embracing pristine waters with picturesque beauty. Because it’s in the junction connect all the realms, Dahl is always catch the eyes of the royalties in the neighbor realms. Nature has given Dahl many gifts. priceless, this magical land possesses many different ecological and climates. The white sandy beach stretches along the realm along with water so clear that we can see fishes swim in the bottom, on the sky are layers of floating clouds, far away there are faint mountains. All create a charming picturesque sight that few places can have.

THE NORTH – The land of eternal frost

Lie in the north. The North is a harsh and cruel land. The cold climate all year round make it a harsh place. As a remote area, the people here are warriors, innate adventurers with a culture of loot and plunder. Although there were many different tribes fighting in The North, but because of the weather here, none has yet been enthroned. The people here always pursue the dream of a unified future according to the prophecy of a young man with a peaceful ideal. Another few worship the power of a mysterious witch.

ALLOY AREA – The sleeping land

Pirren - The city conceal itself in the mountains, silent as always, as if it was sleeping. Early in the morning at Alloy Area when the cold still loomed through the fingers, climbed the mountain behind the neatly cramped houses, sat quietly and enjoyed the panoramic view of the sleeping city. From Pirren looking to the west we will see a hard, soil colored high mountains... Far to the north, houses neatly lined up cramped together at the foot of the mountain. Cross the river, head south-west to the small town deep inside the rocky valley covered by mountains. The roundabout road going from one mountain to another, the sun kept dancing in the middle of the sky and the deep in the valley are roses.

MESSIAH - Mysterious Holy Land

Not as famous as Emporia, nor busy and developed as Alloy Area. Messiah - The gentle Holy Land located in the center of the map of Aura. The Messiah is the great land of Aura, concealed behind vast forests in the east and embraced by the sea. Isolated itself from civilization, Messiah is completely different and cannot be approached by anyone except the most determined. Only few of the brave souls can find the soul of Messiah. That is probably the enlightenment, glory or the desire to witness the true mysteries of Messiah. The journey to Messiah is an almost utopian journey that the few who witnessed those had survived to reach the summit almost never talked about what they had seen. Some return with tranquil in their eyes, some changed beyond recognition, when they are possessed by a mighty Supreme Being, with power far beyond what mortals can understand.

MYSTIQUE REALM – The silent realm

Deep in the thousands of years jungle, Mystique Realm has almost never been affected by outside life. After witnessing the devastation of the Dusty Land archipelago and the ancient war after that, Mystique Realm considered the other factions of Aura to be uppity and hypocrites, they used their powerful magic to prevent any intruder. Mystique Realm is an ancient realm, people here have survived the attack from other realms as Fall Abyss and Emporia, they hide themselves in the forest to avoid contact with other threats. Nature in this realm is rich, diverse and has many unique features of nuanced tropical landscape. The majestic and rugged mountains were on Mystique Realm from hundreds of millions of years ago. Thank to the greenness of the rugged mountains and hills, forests expand as far as eyes can see. Mystique Realm is a land of unique scenery, which contains the imprint of Aura's history of formation and development.

DUSTY LAND – Land of the soul

Dusty Land was formed at the same time as Messiah, the embodiment of the void beyond any recognition. It always hides a tremendous energy with an insatiable hunger, waiting for hundreds of millions of years until its true owner appears. Located in the heart of the Dusty Land is a castle surrounded by mysterious legends. The mortal being touched by this mysterious power will see an everlasting illusion full of pain, enough to destroy the most steadfast minds. The subjects of the Dusty Land - simple creatures, often with limited intelligence aimed only and the sole goal of bringing the Messiah into complete oblivion. The mysterious Evil Gods had marked the time for the uprising to regain dominance over Aura.

FALL ABYSS – Land of Death

The land known as Fall Abyss is an island southeast of Aura. People don’t talk much about this place, because very few people dare to venture and those who did never return - intact - to speak. From far away, one can see Fall Abyss covered with a dreamy blue mist. People say that Fall Abyss is home to tens of thousands of evil spirits. However, no one dared to venture to discover the truth. This land of death only brings death to those who seek that horrifying place, no matter what reason. There are no gold or silver in that place. Only death.

However, for some special individuals, the cold death from this place gave them unrivaled might. There was a mysterious person who said a sentence: "Death is only a new beginning.