【Story】Story of AURA Fantasy

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After the loss of AURA Fantasy, three great prophets escaped and hidden in a small mountain area 1,000 miles away from city west central. Every day, they looked for ways to defeat The Demon King; finally, they knew what they had strongly desired for a long time was the sealed magical power from nature. Amongst AURA Fantasy citizens, there was strong notion in Guardian Angel Lucifinil who had the preeminent power that can vanquish The Demon King.
Under the leadership of guardian angel Lucifinil and three great prophets, AURA civilians prepared for an enormous battle fighting to The Demon King, eternal devil.  
When the army of AURA land was strong enough, they had declared war on The Demon King. The terrible war lasting for many years, it was making beautiful AURA Fantasy land sink into a long and dreadful period of intense darkness. Once Lucifinil destroyed all servants of The Demon King, the true final battle began. It was a beautiful day, everything has a great hope for peace and harmony again in this beautiful AURA Fantasy land, a victory for angel side and The Demon King must be defeated.  


As Lucifinil had cornered him, a magical battle had ensued, The Demon King was not easy to destroy, he gathered all his last strength against AURA four great Leaders. In the end, he decided to destroy himself to blow up everything on this land including him and four Leaders of AURA Fantasy. After a final spell, a loud explosion and a flash of light, everything was over.

However, all things were in prediction of three great prophets; they knew that The Demon King would use his ultimate power to destroy everything but there was no way to stop it, only powerful magic could save this fantasy land. Finally, they sacrificed themselves to tear Demon Soul into pieces and seal fragments of Demon Soul into wonderful land of AURA Fantasy.


After the grievous explosion event, AURA Fantasy was split into nine different islands containing soul fragments of The Demon King and Lucifinil’s. AURA citizens and The Demon King followers have also been drifting away those nine islands. Demon King servants would do anything in order to resurrect their master, there is only way to wake him up is to reconnect nine islands together.


Could AURA Fantasy citizens protect their stunning land? Or the Demon King servants will gather nine islands and wake their master up?  Will the Demon King break free and rise again? Only you can answer this hard question. A new journey has been set, how this raging war continues, it is your choice. Come and join with us now at AURA Fantasy land!